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       Interesting workshops
                and presentations for participants
                and teachers:

 Medijski sponzor


FlavtIstra 2007 young flutists concerts
Senica Dorotea, Ljubec Urška, Penko Ana, Šalamon Lara, Mittendorfer Eva, Dadič Ana and Toth Zsuzsanna.

Solemn concerts of flutists
Program: A. Piazzolla, M. D. Pujol, J. Komar, S. Prokofjev, P. Taffanel, C. A. Franck, P. Gaubert, R. Schumann and F. Doppler.

  WORKSHOP for participants:
Do I know the flute?, Paula Benčič, academic musician flutist, flute teacher
Participants will disassemble and assemble the flute, while discover and learn about all its parts.

WORKSHOP for participants:
Flute and more ..., Sindija Šiško, professor of music
Participants will learn interesting facts about flutes and colorful sound world in a playful group participation.

PRESENTATION for teachers:
Methods of work with the youngest, mag. Ana Kavčič Pucihar, academic specialist - flutist
Teachers will be introduced to interesting and useful methods of working with the youngest.

PRESENTATION for teachers:
Flute in various genres
, Melanija Gradečak, academic musician flutist, flute teacher
Teachers will learn special methods and techniques of flute playing in various genres.

PRESENTATION for participants and teachers:
World of piccolo
, mag. Karin Vrhnjak, academic musician, flute professor
Development of piccolo during history and its role today.

WORKSHOP for participants:
Sound rainbow
, Špela Cvetko, sound therapy performer
Participants will be enjoying the sound rainbow from the gong, accompanying instruments and vocal.

WORKSHOP for teachers:
Understanding the respiratory system in playing flute
, Katja Mlinar, academic musician, flutist, flute teacher
Teachers will learn useful exercises for understanding and nurturing the breathing process to prevent potential unpleasantness and injuries.

Flute development in Slovenia
, special guests:
Prof. Fedja Rupel and Prof. Draga Ažman
A pleasant conversation with special guests will reveal flute development in Slovenia.

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