Flute festival Europe Interesting workshops, lectures and presentations for participants, teachers and parents

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WORKSHOP for participants of 1st category



Flute festival Europe Flute Party with Flutemotion - Annemieke de Bruijn

Join the music experience with Flutemotion. Interactive, joyful and educational games will bring your breathing and flute sound experience in a special way. Find out how exciting is to play a Pop-songs accompanied by modern flute techniques. Through listening and with a variety of music games you will learn all you need for every day practicing. Flutemotion tools offer you exactly what you need for flute development.

punkt Recommended accessory is Pneumo Pro.
punkt Participants need Flute 

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WORKSHOP for participants from 2nd category onwards



Flute festival Europe How to study to prepare a recital, concert or flute audition - Etni Molletones

At this workshop you will discover how to distribute properly the time of practicing for each study and how accurately use technical tools to make music. In addition of this topic you will find out how to improve flute technique with using your own imagination instead using a specific book.

punkt The participants need flute.

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LECTURE for teachers and parents



Flute festival Europe Levels of the human system and the influence of music on child´s development - Naike Dapiran

Through this lecture you will learn about six levels of the human system and find answers for these questions: When is child in line with all levels? At what levels child feels the balance and on which levels is out of balance? What are the benefits of playing the instrument for child´s system? How does music affect the development of child´s capacity?

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Flute festival Europe Life story - Jasmine Choi

Every person has his own way, his own life story, full of experiences and insights. You will get an insight into the life of famous flutist Jasmine Choi. She will reveal details about the path of reaching the state of excellence. You will listen to her wise advices and find out which experiences are those that are decisive for self-realization, satisfaction and happiness in life.

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Flute festival Europe ARTICULATION … in a different way - Matej Zupan

You will listen to a famous flutist who will reveal his findings about articulation: "We always want to have clean and clear articulation. In my own research of better articulation in all registers, I realized that the tongue is not the most important element that enables us ...".

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LECTURE for all



Flute festival Europe The history of the flute repertoire through the development of its aesthetics - Mario Caroli

The word "style" sounds somehow mysterious. Often used for the baroque and classical repertoire, it seems to disappear from the romantic Era. But, can you play Debussy like Varèse? Jolivet like Hindemith? Casella like Karg-Elert? How to manage the vibrato, the phrasing, the weight of the sound, the rubato in relationship to the style? An attempt of analysis of the development of flute playing and style through history.